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July 2021

July 2021

We are reminded early in July on July 4th to Celebrate the Spirit of America. Let’s celebrate with…
…better understanding

Let’s celebrate the month of July with caring for one another…
…by being extra kind
…accepting differences with respect
…being responsible stewards of the earth

Let’s celebrate with a prayer in our heart and spirit.
Take time on these warm July Summer days to reflect on the gifts of America…
As We The People …
…establish justice for all
…insure domestic tranquility
…provide for the common good
…promote general welfare
…secure the Blessings of Peace for ourselves and our posterity.

What a wonderful way to share our mission of being an American by being “a people”.
To be “a people” (Pope Francis) means our family of earth is united by human solidarity. This unity is born of “closeness” to God in our daily encounters.

What a blessing to be an American “people” …a variety of cultures, colors, beliefs and dreams.

We are “a people” given dignity by God.

Share this blessing especially especially during this July 2021

Become the Blessing of Love
accept one another…
as a brother, as a sister…
one heart united under God.

Year of St. Joseph: What the World Needs Now

Year of St. Joseph: What the World Needs Now

An example of how St. Joseph shows us how to live…
…with gentle caring
…with responsible living
…with a life that models self-gift
…with sacrifice for others’ good
…with genuine loved shared sincerely

Let us dare to model unconditional love
Let us share loving goodness

Thank you St.Joseph for your humble example of trusting the daily events of life that l
enable us to stir the holy graces God offers to each one of us. Amen.

Year of St. Joseph: Father’s Day

Year of St. Joseph: Father’s Day

Father’s Day…
St. Joseph watch over all fathers with your deep caring
Help all fathers to be an example of lived holiness
Help all fathers to be an encouragement of love to their children
“ fathers are not born, but made”. ( Pope Francis )

A father takes responsibility to care for a child
to live life by sharing care, kindness and compassion
to be there by sharing hope every day of child’s life

Just like St.Joseph …
…let your home be a school of love and forgiveness
…let your home nurture a safe haven of growth

To all fathers. God entrusts a child…guard that path with tenderness

St.Joseph…watch over all fathers .

St.Joseph teach fathers to be …
…just and prudent
…strong and compassionate
…protector and guardian
…faithful and prayerful
…diligent in work
…solace for the afflicted
…family oriented

St, Joseph…watch over all fathers . Amen

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers