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May 2022

May 2022

May… a Month of Mary

Hold your Rosary Beads…
Each bead a prayer…

I was thinking of Mary with her different titles
Hold each bead and think of her life
Take one title and meditate

Our Lady of the Skies…
I look up to the sky and think of Mother Mary
with her outstretched arms
embracing the world …caring about each one of us.
I then think of this bead as I pray for everyone in the world.

Our Lady of Peace…
I love the statue of Mary with her hands folded
standing on the globe.
Let us fold our hands in prayer as we pray
for peace especially now in Ukraine
Let this bead inspire us to be peace-givers
wherever we go.

Mother of Mercy…
Hold a bead and think of Mary’s heart of compassion.
Reflect on how you and I can bring hope and joy
to the world by daily acts of mercy and compassion

Mother of Trust…
Hold that bead over your heart
Believe that just as Mary trusted
We too….can trust in God’s presence to
guide us and protect us .
Like Mary may we too say.
“according to God’s ways…”

Choose a title you like about Mary
Hold your Rosary Bead
Let each bead this month be a prayer
reflecting the goodness of Mary. Amen.

April 2022

April 2022

Celebrate Springtime

This month let’s reflect on some holy thoughts…
In Spring…the sun begins to shine more
Let’s shine with sharing good deeds

“I did not go through pain and come out on the other side.  Instead, I lived in it and found within that pain the grace to survive and eventually grow.”
(A Grace Disguised)

When troubles come and they will ~~~
Shelter us, O Lord with the
gift of compassionate tears.

Enjoy all the love and compassionate connections you have in life….
they will let happiness spring back with deep peace.

Abide…just one word
It is encouraging and hope-filled.
When we trust the Lord we abide

Set the world on fire with …
…peace and compassion
…forgiveness and reconciliation
…charity and respect
…comfort and great caring

(all these gifts in your heart Celebrate Spring by
Sharing them generously and graciously)

Let there be not war with explosions of military arms of guns, bullets and tanks.

Let there be explosions of empathy, kindness and compassion…
…these blessings are shared with arms of love .

Let this Springtime of April shower each one of us with a
wellspring of compassion.

April will be Easter time…
…a moment of resurrection
…a grace of transformation
…a handshake of grace
…a heart that does not say Peace
but lives Peace by sharing Peace .

Now go out into This April season and
multiply the “sacred” blessings
of Celebrating Jesus springtime in you.  Amen.

March 2022

March 2022

Let us bow our hearts …with a renewed spirit.🕊
Let me give my life over to you Lord
Let my joy be full of forgiveness
Let my breath be one that is life-giving to others
…slow to anger
…gracious and compassionate
…abounding in love
Let me let the spirit help me
…in my weakness
…in my fears
…with my anxieties
Show me Lord how to serve with
…all my heart
Show me Lord the way of grace…
…extra kind
…loving always
Lord, teach me to live my prayers …
…with care for the needy
…with a deep faith
Let my journey this Lenten season…
…be lived with Jesus heart of peace
…be lived as a disciple with a mission of charity
…be lived walking with mercy for those who feel marginalized
As we bow our hearts together …may our every word and deed become a blessing as we draw near to the cross and the glory of daily resurrections for and with one another. Amen.☮️
February 2022

February 2022

February… known best to be the month of the heart
…a time of extra kindness
…a spirit of gentleness sprinkled just where you are
…sharing peace, hope and holiness

Take time to sit in the silence of prayer
…few words spoken from the heart
…hold faith in words, deeds and actions of caring
…an open heart sees God every where

February …Journey with balance in your heart
…live, love and work
…share, listen and contemplate
…befriend the heart of God in all you meet

February…a month of holidays
…be grateful
…be filled with joy

God knows what is in your heart…
…gracious living

Enjoy your month of the heart.
and as you open your heart in prayer…
You will trust more and be courageous
and you will believe in your mission …
To be the heart of Jesus’ love here on earth.

January 2022

January 2022

A New Year
This can be a blessing…
…to be more caring
…to be a better listener
…to share compassion
…to have an open heart

This can be a grace…
…to be a sign of Hope
…to live our prayer
…to sacrifice our time for the common good

This can be a gift…
…to share your presence with someone in need
…to comfort those dealing with loss or illness
…to share your faith

January… the first month of a new year… 2022
Let us…
…see Christ’s love in everyone
…see Christ’s love everywhere we go

Happy… Holy… Healthy to all… this new year… 2022

December 2021

December 2021

Season of Joy, Hope, Peace and Love

Let these be the gifts we share
Let the light of Love

be there in any darkness

Let the light of Peace

be given unconditionally

Let the light of Hope

be shared as to give life

Let the light of Joy

be celebrated in prayer

and compassionate deeds

Let us arise each day and

be the glory of God

in ordinary deeds.

Let us together this Advent and Christmas season

be a wonderful glimmer of Jesus presence

in our world.

Let us share this holy season with a

yearning of transformation

in every human heart.