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July 2020

July 2020

America…God shed His Light

The gift of Loving Acceptance

Let us all bloom with faith, hope and loving acceptance of one another.

Let us let the light shining upon us bless us with serving one another with dignity.

Let us be listeners and hearts of compassion that care about those who do not feel the light shining.

Let us live the prophetic message of Jesus’s love… I have come so you will have life …a life of serenity, harmony, peace and justice for all. Let your light shine.

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June 2020

June 2020

June is the month of welcoming a new season~~ “Summertime”. Take the time to bring more light into your life and to the world. Be the light of mercy, compassion, understanding, respect, and hope. Be the light of justice, truth, and harmony for all.

Imagine if each day we became part of the Holy light of Jesus’ call to being “echo” of his love lived here on earth.

God has blessed each one of us with the grace and ability to shine brightly in His world. He’s shown us that anything is possible when you have Faith… and share Faith.

Be the light… make the world “brighter” with Love.

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May 2020

May 2020

The month of May reminds me of Mary and her YES to bring and give life to our world. Let us, like Mary,… be a YES especially during this global virus crisis.

Be a YES… with a joyful heart
Be a YES… with a grace of love
Be a YES… with hope-filled words
Be a YES… with acts of charity
Be a YES… with a touch of compassion
Be a YES… with an understanding heart
Be a YES… with a prayer of forgiveness
Be a Yes… with a reflection of sharing Jesus’ mercy

Yes… Yes… Yes… In your own way,… bring and give life to our world.

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April 2020

April 2020

During this time of a virus crisis….

Hope…. is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul
and sings the tune without words. — Emily Dickinson

In a world where you can do anything…. Be Kind.

The happiness of your life depends
On the loving quality of your thoughts.

Inhale courage….
Exhale fear

Share whisper in a hidden prayer… for everyone everywhere… right now
This is Easter Joy…. compassion born of human suffering.

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March 2020

Three Little Words
Pray… Trust… Wait

Fast from gossip………share good words
Fast from hurts………share wonderful forgiveness
Fast from selfishness………share your presence

Contemplation. Meditation. Reflection.

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February 2020

Do ordinary deeds with joy. Wash a dish, take out the garbage, do the shopping, mail your bills. See something in the action that says aren’t I blessed to be able to see joy in the simplicity and ordinariness of life? Perhaps one might discover this is a great blessing.

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