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January 2021

January 2021

Become a Disciple’s Heart

…discover the divine simplicity in the ordinary and extraordinary events of life

…begin each new day of 2021 with an open, trusting heart. Look for the small, large and in between surprises in daily living.

…bring your inner light everywhere you go…sharing your joy, hope and forgiveness galore

…be open to, change with holy courage that dares to transform the world with justice for all

…Dream …a path that leads to selfless service

…Believe …that God resides in many a disguise (people, earth, animals…)

Stop along the way
Be less selfish…
and you will encounter a disciple’s heart
and become one yourself.

Happy, Holy and Safe 2021

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December 2020

December 2020

The Promise comes…
With quiet acts of charity
With the surrender of selfishness
With the humble prayer born in a human heart

The Promise comes…
When we live what we pray
When we decorate the world with compassion
When we surrender to personal gain

The Promise comes…
When we welcome the stranger
When we become the Good Samaritan
When we recognize the light of simplicity

The a Promise comes…
When we journey with Advent 2020
When we do not fear the Disruption of the pandemic
When we become Jesus love…

This is the Promise of the We Advent Pilgrims. Take the Bethlehem Journey.

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November 2020

November 2020

Be Thankful…

For Family~~
For Friends~~
For Neighbors~~

Be thankful for health, food and nice weather
Be thankful for kindnesses and charity
Be thankful for harmony and hope always for peace
Be thankful for shelter… caring for homeless with dignity
Be thankful for Faith… lived at the cross and celebrated at each resurrection
Be thankful for patience… especially during this pandemic
Be thankful for the courage to witness to God’s love… in daily events
Be thankful… to receive graciously
Be thankful… to give generously of yourself and your time

Be thankful… for the leaves on trees
Be thankful… for everyone you pass on the street… give a smile
Be thankful… everytime you fold your hands in prayer.

Be thankful… thankful thankful… for life. Full of Grace.


🎃Happy Thankful Giving~Thanks🎃
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October 2020

October 2020

A Changing Season with Colors Galore

Let us decorate this Autumn with colors galore like the leaves. Let us embrace change by:

  • being inspired
  • being challenged
  • being accepting
  • being hopeful
  • being supportive
  • being loving

You choose the way and decorate the world with colors galore.

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September 2020

September 2020


Autumn… a new season
New breezes of life await each one of us
… always be Hopeful

The earth so green reminds us
… to find Hope everywhere

The trees with swaying branches
… remind us to lean into life with Hope born
of acceptance and understanding

Take time to take a walk, sit quietly, open your window and
… breathe in the freshness of Autumn time

A new season to rekindle life relationships with the
… beautiful steadfast gift of Hope

Be the blessing of Hope… live it, share it and become the Autumn of Hope.

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August 2020

August 2020

Encounter the Quiet Light

Call the Light.. “Sabbath Rest”

… the need to rest and contemplate
the goodness of God in life

the grass… green for hope
the sky… so blue and welcoming
the trees… so sturdy and tall in spirit

The Light of “Sabbath Rest”

… the need to quiet our spirit
calm our fears

The Call… to contemplate
the goodness of God in each other

and then…. to share the fruits of
our reflection and pondering
that draw us to encounter the Quiet Light

in the grass of earth’s hope
in the blue sky of the Universe’s call to live in solidarity
In our humble spirits… growing tall in faithfulness

This August… “Sabbath Rest” leads each one of us to become part of the glorious light
of Faith, Hope and Love.

Encounter. Share. Become the Light.

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