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Father’s Day…
St. Joseph watch over all fathers with your deep caring
Help all fathers to be an example of lived holiness
Help all fathers to be an encouragement of love to their children
“ fathers are not born, but made”. ( Pope Francis )

A father takes responsibility to care for a child
to live life by sharing care, kindness and compassion
to be there by sharing hope every day of child’s life

Just like St.Joseph …
…let your home be a school of love and forgiveness
…let your home nurture a safe haven of growth

To all fathers. God entrusts a child…guard that path with tenderness

St.Joseph…watch over all fathers .

St.Joseph teach fathers to be …
…just and prudent
…strong and compassionate
…protector and guardian
…faithful and prayerful
…diligent in work
…solace for the afflicted
…family oriented

St, Joseph…watch over all fathers . Amen

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers