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March 2023

March 2023

March brings many wonderful moments
Lent in full bloom… with sacred prayer moments
Spring time arrives… with a change of season
Daylight Savings Time… brings more sunlight to each day
St. Patrick’s Day… a parade of joy
And… a journey to the Easter Season

March is a month of many moments.
Each a treasure of life from God.
We might just say that every day
has God-moments.
These are moments when God’s presence,
plan and love are revealed.
And usually …even the ordinary of life
has moments to treasure.
We call them gifts, blessings and graces galore.
Everything in life is of God…
…a neighbor waving
…a friend sends a card
…someone brings in your garbage cans
…the sunset shining on a bud on your driveway
…prayers offered to comfort or give thanks

Add some of your own moments to this list.
“All things were made by him, and nothing was made without him.” – John 1:3

February 2023

February 2023

February is the month of the heart. Midway through the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day. This is a reminder to be a sign of Jesus’ love in our daily lives.

How can we do this? Here are a few holy “heart” thoughts. 💕
…serve others kindness
…be gracious in caring
…respond to others with dignity and respect
…bless each other with charity
…trust in God’s love more
…be a light of love
…appreciate God’s loving graces
…love in simple ways
…love is in peace-giving
…have an open heart

We get to choose..
…to be love every day
…to sacrifice for others’ well-being
…to forgive deeply
…to accept better
…to inspire by hidden deeds
…to welcome a stranger
…to share compassion
…to be a trusting heart
…to be generous of spirit
…to be a heart beat of faith-lived

Let us share this gift of February …all 28 days.
With much love shared and hands folded with a prayer heart that says “Thank you Jesus”. Amen.

January 2023

January 2023

Calendar. 2023

The first few days of a new year very often seem quiet
Holiday decorations are being taken down
Wreath and Christmas tress are left at the street curb to be picked up
Leftovers are almost gone
The memories of a passed year are tucked away
A new year beginning …
We hear some of the same news…
…war continues
…poverty is present
…injustices weigh people down
…people mourn
…divisions continue

What has changed?!

I truly believe the human heart…💖
…brings compassion
…cares deeply
…shares courage and hope
…gives comfort and consolation
…embraces all

Your heart and my heart can be a source
of Jesus’ presence in a shaky world
We will not be brought down or abandon
doing good by the violence of war and the
disregard of kindness and respect .💖

Each day you and I can choose to share our
hearts so that another human being feels loved,
cared about and uplifted .

Is this always easy…No
But it is the way of Peace.

Just think how you can begin each day of this new year …
Put your heart into every thought, word and deed. Amen. 💖

December 2022

December 2022

December …is a month of sharing some Spiritual Lights

These “Holy Lights” are full of…
…acts of simple kindness
…gifts wrapped with Love
…singing of carols
…forgiving with all your heart
…listening with wonderful patience
…decorating with lights of Joy
…instilling Hope into our world
…kneeling in prayer at a manger
…trusting that we each can say a “Yes” that brings Peace

Christmas is a holy time to come to the sacred place of Bethlehem
where Jesus is born as we each share and live our faith courageously.

Come Lord, Jesus …be born in our heart every day.
May this Christmas season remind us that the angels sang…
Let there be Peace on Earth. 🌍

*(Reread the “ Holy Light” list above …take those humble thoughts
with you during this month of December and into the New Year.)

November 2022

November 2022

A Month of Giving Thanks

Each day of November, think of someone or something you are thankful for.

How did that person or event influence your life for the better?

How were you…

Now remember there are every day ordinary people and events that will unassumingly share God’s Glory.

We should certainly count our ordinary blessings, and make each one count with goodness galore.

The invariable mark of deep wisdom is to see the miraculous in the very common.

To be grateful…..is to recognize God in everyone and everything.

October 2022

October 2022

October Welcomes Autumn Time

Let’s get up every day saying: Good Morning, Good God
The Lord’s daily gifts are so many
The ones He invites us to share dwell within our humble spirits…
…kindness galore for everybody
…a wonderful listening heart of compassion
…respectful words to sow harmony
…being creative in living your prayer

Let our prayers be simple and life-giving
Try some Two-Word Heart Prayers:
Calm me
Still me
Settle me

Forgive me
Pardon me
Liberate me

Plant me
Root me deep
Enfold me

Embrace me
Trust me
Support me

Lift me up
Love me
Take care of me

Now…go out and do that for someone you meet today.
Just think of all our prayers being lived and how they decorate the tree of life with faithful leaves.