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May 2022

May 2022

May… a Month of Mary

Hold your Rosary Beads…
Each bead a prayer…

I was thinking of Mary with her different titles
Hold each bead and think of her life
Take one title and meditate

Our Lady of the Skies…
I look up to the sky and think of Mother Mary
with her outstretched arms
embracing the world …caring about each one of us.
I then think of this bead as I pray for everyone in the world.

Our Lady of Peace…
I love the statue of Mary with her hands folded
standing on the globe.
Let us fold our hands in prayer as we pray
for peace especially now in Ukraine
Let this bead inspire us to be peace-givers
wherever we go.

Mother of Mercy…
Hold a bead and think of Mary’s heart of compassion.
Reflect on how you and I can bring hope and joy
to the world by daily acts of mercy and compassion

Mother of Trust…
Hold that bead over your heart
Believe that just as Mary trusted
We too….can trust in God’s presence to
guide us and protect us .
Like Mary may we too say.
“according to God’s ways…”

Choose a title you like about Mary
Hold your Rosary Bead
Let each bead this month be a prayer
reflecting the goodness of Mary. Amen.