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Be Thankful…

For Family~~
For Friends~~
For Neighbors~~

Be thankful for health, food and nice weather
Be thankful for kindnesses and charity
Be thankful for harmony and hope always for peace
Be thankful for shelter… caring for homeless with dignity
Be thankful for Faith… lived at the cross and celebrated at each resurrection
Be thankful for patience… especially during this pandemic
Be thankful for the courage to witness to God’s love… in daily events
Be thankful… to receive graciously
Be thankful… to give generously of yourself and your time

Be thankful… for the leaves on trees
Be thankful… for everyone you pass on the street… give a smile
Be thankful… everytime you fold your hands in prayer.

Be thankful… thankful thankful… for life. Full of Grace.


🎃Happy Thankful Giving~Thanks🎃