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Calendar. 2023

The first few days of a new year very often seem quiet
Holiday decorations are being taken down
Wreath and Christmas tress are left at the street curb to be picked up
Leftovers are almost gone
The memories of a passed year are tucked away
A new year beginning …
We hear some of the same news…
…war continues
…poverty is present
…injustices weigh people down
…people mourn
…divisions continue

What has changed?!

I truly believe the human heart…💖
…brings compassion
…cares deeply
…shares courage and hope
…gives comfort and consolation
…embraces all

Your heart and my heart can be a source
of Jesus’ presence in a shaky world
We will not be brought down or abandon
doing good by the violence of war and the
disregard of kindness and respect .💖

Each day you and I can choose to share our
hearts so that another human being feels loved,
cared about and uplifted .

Is this always easy…No
But it is the way of Peace.

Just think how you can begin each day of this new year …
Put your heart into every thought, word and deed. Amen. 💖