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Yorkie Delivers Care

Yorkie Delivers Care

Sister Ave has a service dog named Sunshine Yorkie… He is now almost 16 years old and is blind and deaf. He and Sister Ave still deliver care to others. Perhaps his little shirt reminds us all during this virus crisis to have big hearts and care about one another.

Be Creative!

and called to be
the CREATIVE person
we were meant to be.

Come to Sister Ave’s “Brunch Retreat” November 12th from 9:45 to 11:30, and DISCOVER/EXPERIENCE/CELEBRATE your inner creativity with Sister Mary Anna Euring,OP (Artist & Musician)

In Memory of Sr. Therese Ezelius, O.P.

Sr. Therese Ezelius, O.P. A dear O.P. sister friend passed away in April of this year. She and some sisters at our Motherhouse would meet occasionally and play cards. And boy did they gamble with joy!! No money…just for the fun of seeing who would win. The winner got to wear the crown!! Therese was a winner many times and wore her crown joyfully!. Perhaps this says so much about Therese…she saw in life simple ways of sharing joy with others. So if you ever win the lottery…. think of Therese wearing her crown and be joyful.

In Memory of Bishop Rene Valero

In memory of… good priest, a fine person and great friend who enjoyed sharing in Heart to Heart Ministry.  Let us all be loving kindness … just as Bishop Valero lived this great gift every day of his life.

In February, Sr. Ave Clark was interviewed by Tony Rossi on his Christopher Close Up Radio Show.  She talked about her book, Heart to Heart Parables.  Click HERE to read the commentary and listen to the interview.