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Encounter the Quiet Light

Call the Light.. “Sabbath Rest”

… the need to rest and contemplate
the goodness of God in life

the grass… green for hope
the sky… so blue and welcoming
the trees… so sturdy and tall in spirit

The Light of “Sabbath Rest”

… the need to quiet our spirit
calm our fears

The Call… to contemplate
the goodness of God in each other

and then…. to share the fruits of
our reflection and pondering
that draw us to encounter the Quiet Light

in the grass of earth’s hope
in the blue sky of the Universe’s call to live in solidarity
In our humble spirits… growing tall in faithfulness

This August… “Sabbath Rest” leads each one of us to become part of the glorious light
of Faith, Hope and Love.

Encounter. Share. Become the Light.