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Celebrate Springtime

This month let’s reflect on some holy thoughts…
In Spring…the sun begins to shine more
Let’s shine with sharing good deeds

“I did not go through pain and come out on the other side.  Instead, I lived in it and found within that pain the grace to survive and eventually grow.”
(A Grace Disguised)

When troubles come and they will ~~~
Shelter us, O Lord with the
gift of compassionate tears.

Enjoy all the love and compassionate connections you have in life….
they will let happiness spring back with deep peace.

Abide…just one word
It is encouraging and hope-filled.
When we trust the Lord we abide

Set the world on fire with …
…peace and compassion
…forgiveness and reconciliation
…charity and respect
…comfort and great caring

(all these gifts in your heart Celebrate Spring by
Sharing them generously and graciously)

Let there be not war with explosions of military arms of guns, bullets and tanks.

Let there be explosions of empathy, kindness and compassion…
…these blessings are shared with arms of love .

Let this Springtime of April shower each one of us with a
wellspring of compassion.

April will be Easter time…
…a moment of resurrection
…a grace of transformation
…a handshake of grace
…a heart that does not say Peace
but lives Peace by sharing Peace .

Now go out into This April season and
multiply the “sacred” blessings
of Celebrating Jesus springtime in you.  Amen.