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I open eyes, and wonder, where is He?
What will He do today?

Slowly, I rise from my bed
And stumble to the window.
Looking, waiting, wistfully, wondering,
What will He show today?
I look up; darkness streaked with white.

I love pondering Him in the morning.
Anticipating the marvels He
Surprises me with each day.
“Where are you?”, “I’m waiting,
I know you’re there.”

Suddenly, light!
Brilliant colors,
Magentas, Fuchsias, Pinks,
Blues, Golds,
Streaks – across the horizon.
Consuming the darkness
with unfathomable Light.

Then, merging, They recede
Consumed by His approaching Brilliance.

The overture has ended;
My spirit, filled with awe
His entrance is imminent;
But still, He waits.

He emerges.
Joy, ebullience, longing
fill my being
With His Blinding Radiance –

He smiles,
His lightining smile,
His inscrutable smile,
Embracing me,
with His loving warmth
Smothering me with,
Kisses of Light,

And Ascends in glory
To Bless the new day.

– Written by Barbara Hessler