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Star of Bethlehem Painting by Sr. Mary Anna Euring, OP

In the Christmas story, there are many “announcers” to the Good News of Jesus’ birth! Heavenly bodies and beings announce the news, including an angel, multitudes of heavenly hosts and even a star!

A star! How fitting! This past month I have been “star-gazing”, and was inspired to paint the “Star of Bethlehem”. What the press have dubbed the Christmas “star” is actually the alignment of our two largest planets–Saturn and Jupiter. The “star” will shine brightest on the darkest and longest night of the year, December 21st.

Yes, this year has been very “dark” and difficult for many reasons” health, jobs, racism, economic insecurity, school, divisive & polarized politics as well as general worry living amidst a Pandemic. And this Christmas may feel strange, for some guests may wear masks, some loved ones may be missing, we may Zoom to see family and friends or perhaps the day will be spent alone. But let us recall that there is HOPE.

God so loved the World that he gave us his only Son. Jesus! Emmanuel!…which means “God with us”! And this Jesus was announced with? A STAR!

Whether it’s 2,020 years ago or on December 21, 2020, for those who are are wise…for those who are willing to take steps forward…for those willing to follow God’s light…there is HOPE!

And…if you are too tired and weary, God will journey to you. And shine like the Christmas star.

(the above reflection is paraphrased from the Sisters of St. Dominic Facebook entry by Lena Pennino-Smith)

“For those who know how to see, everything is sacred”. Teilhard de Chardin