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Heart to Heart Ministry

An Extra Tablespoon of Love!

Sister Ave Clark, O.P.MA.MS.MPS.
Certified Pastoral Counselor
Sisters of St. Dominic, Amityville, NY

Amityville Dominican Sisters
Mission Statement

We Dominican women religious, called to be signs of joy and hope, commit ourselves to incarnating the Gospel, deepening our life of prayer, searching for Truth, discerning the needs of the Church and ministering to the people of God.

Heart to Heart Ministry is a reflection of this mission statement by inviting people to participate in spiritual programs …heart to heart.

Behold my children, the heritage I leave you… have Charity one for another, guard Humility… make your treasure out of Voluntary Poverty…..
– St. Dominic

Be who God meant you to be and you will set the work on fire.
– St. Catherine of Siena


Stay Safe and

Say a Prayer for Each Other.

Call to Action

January 2021

January 2021

Become a Disciple’s Heart

…discover the divine simplicity in the ordinary and extraordinary events of life

…begin each new day of 2021 with an open, trusting heart. Look for the small, large and in between surprises in daily living.

…bring your inner light everywhere you go…sharing your joy, hope and forgiveness galore

…be open to, change with holy courage that dares to transform the world with justice for all

…Dream …a path that leads to selfless service

…Believe …that God resides in many a disguise (people, earth, animals…)

Stop along the way
Be less selfish…
and you will encounter a disciple’s heart
and become one yourself.

Happy, Holy and Safe 2021

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A Star!

A Star!

Star of Bethlehem Painting by Sr. Mary Anna Euring, OP In the Christmas story, there are many "announcers" to the Good News of Jesus' birth! Heavenly bodies and beings announce the news, including an angel, multitudes of heavenly hosts and even a star! A star! How...

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Snowmen Visit Amityville Motherhouse!

Snowmen Visit Amityville Motherhouse!

Visiting Motherhouse of Amityville Dominicans dressed as Snowmen and bringing homemade goodies. During pandemic sisters in Motherhouse stayed in rooms to social distance. Snowmen (include Sister Ave, OP) stayed outside dancing, waving and singing. Sisters waved from...

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