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Anchors of Hope

Anchors of Hope

Anchors are a symbol of hope.
There are  many things in our world that try our patience!
Yet, Jesus tells us to “never live without hope”
How do we do that?
Look and see ….inspiration is all about us in…
…special ed students who believe they can learn
…wounded warriors who play basketball from wheelchairs
…a poet who is blind sees the world through his faith-lived
…a holocaust survivor named Elie Wiesel writes about love
…the journalist Richard Engel writes about his young son Henry
who passed away and how Henry inspired deep love

Add some “hope” inspirations to your day and your hope will reflect….

I truly believe that in these times of unrest that our hope will help us to
find God …and there we will renew life  for ourselves and for others.

Signs of hope are all around us…
…in caring for the earth better.  (use less plastic)
…respecting differences
…helping one another ( Sr Ruth in College Point with her street helpers
not only giving food and clothing to people who are homeless but befriend
human people with dignity)

Hope is not born of wishing …it is born of prayer being lived.

When God is  in our heart …hope is reborn again and again
Let’s be hopefilled people today.    No matter what!
Hope will be the small light that believes…..resurrection happens again and again.