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May 2020

May 2020

The month of May reminds me of Mary and her YES to bring and give life to our world. Let us, like Mary,… be a YES especially during this global virus crisis.

Be a YES… with a joyful heart
Be a YES… with a grace of love
Be a YES… with hope-filled words
Be a YES… with acts of charity
Be a YES… with a touch of compassion
Be a YES… with an understanding heart
Be a YES… with a prayer of forgiveness
Be a Yes… with a reflection of sharing Jesus’ mercy

Yes… Yes… Yes… In your own way,… bring and give life to our world.

Great Caring Hearts

Great Caring Hearts

Sister Ave’s brother Joe with his son and family giving him a salute for being a Hero of Compassion. God bless all workers who care for those who have lost a loved one. Joe is a Funeral manager in New Jersey. He has given great care to many people in grief during this crisis.

Dominican Strong!

Dominican Sisters’ motto is: VERITAS. Truth.
Sister Ave, OP, is holding up some signs of truth as we all deal with the virus crisis and how we can be strong together. Notice… her little service dog Sunshine is part of the message. Red hats for Love and courage. Let us be signs of joy and hope to one another. Stay Safe!