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Chats with Arthur: God Comforts

Chats with Arthur: God Comforts

Arthur would tell me if someone made fun of him he would not give back unkindness. Rather, he would go to the prayer garden at his church and listen to God comforting him. Something for all of us to ponder … to find a quiet space and dare to listen more and find solace, hope, and peace … and then share it.

(Arthur was a dear friend who lived courageously with schizophrenia … he truly became Jesus’ love here on earth. An example we can all follow. You can learn more about Arthur in my book, Arthur, Thank You for Being Jesus’ Love).



I open eyes, and wonder, where is He?
What will He do today?

Slowly, I rise from my bed
And stumble to the window.
Looking, waiting, wistfully, wondering,
What will He show today?
I look up; darkness streaked with white.

I love pondering Him in the morning.
Anticipating the marvels He
Surprises me with each day.
“Where are you?”, “I’m waiting,
I know you’re there.”

Suddenly, light!
Brilliant colors,
Magentas, Fuchsias, Pinks,
Blues, Golds,
Streaks – across the horizon.
Consuming the darkness
with unfathomable Light.

Then, merging, They recede
Consumed by His approaching Brilliance.

The overture has ended;
My spirit, filled with awe
His entrance is imminent;
But still, He waits.

He emerges.
Joy, ebullience, longing
fill my being
With His Blinding Radiance –

He smiles,
His lightining smile,
His inscrutable smile,
Embracing me,
with His loving warmth
Smothering me with,
Kisses of Light,

And Ascends in glory
To Bless the new day.

– Written by Barbara Hessler