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There is something soothing and comforting about a rocking chair
Just the going back and forth gently gives one a sense of peace
Rocking chairs are not meant to push fast..
Just a gentle nudge
So often in life we have schedules that seem to pick up emotional speed
We want everything done yesterday.
The Rocking chair is certainly there to remind all of us to….
…slow down
…smell the roses
…sit with life events with healing thoughts
Perhaps the rocking chair reminds us to tend to our needs
so….in turn we can tend to the needs of one another with compassion
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if world leaders sat in rocking chairs
and think of how we can make the world a better place for everyone
Here are some prayers for you to pray in your rocking chair or just thinking of one
you can rock back and forth from your spiritual rocking chair….
…prayer for letting go of rigidity
…prayer for caring for the world community and the earth
…prayer for blessings shared
…prayer for remembering loved ones
…prayer for truth
…prayer for being grateful
…prayer for encouragement
…prayer for inspiration
…prayer for being a better listener
…prayer in time of sorrow
…prayer with a good purpose
…prayer to be a gentle and respectful person
Just sit in your rocking chair or spiritual rocking chair for 5 quiet minutes as God’s love rocks you gently into life giving ways. Amen.