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Asian Brush Painting by Sr. Mary Anna Euring, OP

I painted this landscape in the Spring of 2020, as the cherry trees were in full bloom and Covid-19 arrived in New York! As many of us were in “lockdown” and did not have the opportunity to enjoy their beauty and fragrance, I invite you to imaginatively listen to the music of the waterfall and see the trees as they move into the Summer Season, turning their pink blossoms into green leaves. Now, as we experience the Season of Autumn, envision these same leaves being transformed into vibrant hues of red, orange, yellow and sienna. If possible, find a leaf and hold it in your hand. Look at it closely, the edges, shape, size, color, veins, holes and flaws. Breathe deeply… Visualize yourself as the leaf in the midst of Autumn… …finally, the stem is too weak and it lets go… twirling to the ground… …Winter approaches… and, once again… it awaits the coming of Spring.

What season of life am I in now? What do I need to let go of during this life situation/challenge? What do I need for my continued growth? Perhaps close this time of “gazing” by turning to the Holy One with loving trust and confidence…and continue on your journey with renewed peace and courage.