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… Gospel Living… for life issues
caring for unborn, young, elderly
disabled, disadvantaged
for voting rights, human rights
for climate change
environmental concerns of safety
good education for all
healthcare for all
better housing for those in need
Against death penalty
For migrants, immigrants and native Americans
Against racism and against any form of prejudice
Being Radical… is holy, just and loving
It means… to respect differences
and view diversity as a gift not as a problem
Being Radical… is Gospel Living
Open your heart
Share resources
See one another as a neighbor
Disagree with respect
Compromise for the common good
Listening with Good Samaritan Compassion
with liberty and justice for all… this is being Radical… Gospel Living
not comfortable
not accepting status quo
not excluding
not dividing
Living the Gospel is Radical
It is..
being courageous, hopeful, compassionate, understanding, forgiving, respectful
It is…
being full, of gratitude, thankful
Thank you John Lewis… Rosa Parks… Dorothy Day… thank, you to all
For beingRadical Hope… Gospel Living
for inspiring
and encouragingall of us
to understand”Good Trouble”
as the heartof Jesus’ Love
being ever so human
so loving and caring.
Let us all say Amen.