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New Sisters of St. Dominic Prayer Enrollment Cards Available

Prayer enrollment cards are an expression of your faith as well as a token of your love for a particular person. When you send an enrollment card to a family member or friend, you are initiating a process which will culminate in the prayerful remembrance of your intentions in the Masses and prayers of the Sisters of St. Dominic of Amityville.

For a donation of $7 you can enroll a loved one, living or deceased, for one entire year.

Your offering supports the care of the retired Sisters at the Motherhouse in Amityville and the many ministries that affect the lives of women and children near and far.

Please visit our online store today and view the new cards we have in stock – Easter, Holy Communion, Anniversary and more. It’s easy to navigate and items can be shipped to anyone, anywhere around the country.

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