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Do you have a favorite poem?
What author of poems do you like?

Some poems rhyme easily
Some poems rhyme in various different ways

But what all poems have in mind are…
…a story
…a lesson
…an invitation

I appreciate Brian Doyle’s poem called Dawn and Mary
( go online to read it )

This poem is..
…a true story
…has a life lesson
…the call to serve one another….no matter what

In the poem we meet two women who work in a school…Dawn and Mary
One is a teacher
One is the principal

They love children …they have two themselves

Dawn and Mary
Sandy Hook School

What really rhymes is…
…their love for the children
…their embrace of life given

They gave their life at Sandy Hook School trying to save the children

What I appreciate in this poem is…
…all children are our children
…how love is so deep

I hope you ponder in your heart today as I do…..
…the world needs more love like Dawn and Mary
…to go forward….giving life

Amen. Peace to all parts of the globe…when we live and share love. 💕

Year of St. Joseph: Courage

Year of St. Joseph: Courage

He had quiet courage. Pope Francis says: “St. Joseph had creative courage”.

What does that mean?
I think,
…to have the ability to find inner resources to live well
…to face difficulties knowing God is right there guiding us
…to live our courage serving others with charity

When difficulties face us, we can either give up and walk away, or we can engage them courageously.

At times, difficulties bring out holy actions we did not even think we had.

St. Joseph, you inspire us. Amen.